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Babybix Tour and Overview

Welcome to babybix, and thanks for choosing us! On this page, we'll walk you through a few features of babybix, as well as show you how to use the various features.
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Babybix is Completely Free to Use

Don't worry, using babybix is completely cost-free. You'll never pay us a penny to use any of our great features.

The Home Page

After you create an account and login, you'll see a set of tabs. Each tab provides tons of great features. To get to one of the tabs, simply click on the title:
Snapshot of Tabs at Top
Home Page Tabs

The babybix home page is where you'll spend most of your time.
Let's look at what each tab does.

  1. Daily Activities

    There are two parts to the Daily Activities page - the control to input data (shown below) and the Daily View Table, which displays all of the days' activities. The picture below shows the input control:

    Control Box to Enter Data
    Snapshot of Control Box
    This is where you'll spend most of your time. On this page, you can input all of the various sleep states for your child, add breastfeeding and pumping data, bottles and meal data, and growth data such as height, weight, and head circumference. You can record an event as happening right now, or enter a time from earlier in the day in case you forgot to write one down.

    For each event, you can also add a freeform "note". For example, you can add a note regarding the weight of a diaper, or how fussy your child was during the night. The control is divided into sections. To expand a section, simply click on it. Each section contains buttons to click that will record events for you. If you just click the button, it'll mark an event for the current time.

    By clicking on the black down arrow on the right side of the button, a menu will appear below the button. In that menu, you can add notes to an event, as well as specifiy a particular time for the event.

    Some of the section have features other than just recording events. For example, the "Growth" section has buttons to pop up graphs of height, weight and head circumference. You can also upload .csv files containing past growth statistics.

    The Daily View Table

    Next to the control box pictured above is a snapshot of the day's activiites (see below). Events are placed into the table based on the time that they happened. To modify an event, simply click on it in the table, and you'll be presented with a small popup window where you can change the event itself (from awake to sleeping, for example), the time of the event, and any notes you added. You can rearrange the columns by dragging a column header to a different location. Daily Activities Screenshot
    The Daily View Table Showing All Activities For the Day
  2. Stats
    The Stats page provides you with easy to read graphs and tables for sleep, bottles, pumping and more. You can customize the graphs and tables by choosing custom date ranges, such as (May 6 2009 to May 17, 2009). Moreover, you can look at any number of past days by simply dragging an arrow, or choose preset values showing you the past day, week, month and two month periods.
    The Stats Page With Graphs of Sleeping, Bottles, Diaper, and Pumping
  3. Sleep Trends
    The Sleep Trends page shows you awake, sleep and put down times for your child day by day. This helps you see patterns in your child's sleeping behavior.
    In the example below, we can see that our child tends to wake up between 8am and 9am, and tends to take naps around 12:30pm.
    The Sleep Trends Graph Showing Sleep Habits
  4. Journals and Firsts
    The journal tab is where you can keep a journal and record first-time events for your child.
    Journals are basically diaries detailing your child's daily activities. You can add as many entries per day as you like. It comes with a full HTML editor that lets you change the size and color of text, as well as add pictures and videos from sites such as Flickr and YouTube. A snapshot of the Journals Tab

    Both journals and firsts have simple editors for you to add your data:

    Editing a Journal Entry Editing a Firsts Entry

Sharing Information About Your Child

Babybix has a secure platform to help you share your children's data with your spouse, daycare provider, friends, and other relatives. On the account page you can invite someone (using their email address) to view and create data for your children. You can chose which permissions they have. Account Sharing

Tracking Growth

Babybix help you track you child's weight, height, and head circumference. Each of these can be tracked in either standard or metric values. You can even go back and forth between the two, depending on your needs. You can graph each of these metrics and see how your child compares to other children in his/her age range. If you need to save the graphs to share with friends, or to post to your blog, you can do that as well. (Simply right-click on the graph to save). Example Graph for Weight

Vaccination Tracking

Babybix can also help you maintain a record of your child's vaccination schedule. Our easy to use interface helps you see which vaccinations are required at which time. You can also easily see which vaccinations you've missed. Example Vaccination Schedule

Doctor Appointment Questions

Babybix can help you keep track of questions you have for your doctor, so that you don't forget them or lose the piece of paper you wrote the question on! Simply go to the "Health and Medicine" section of the control box and click on "Dr Questions". You can edit the questions and answers by simply clicking on them. Sample Dr Questions

Enter Multiple Past Events at Once

If you forget to record diaper or sleep events, you can add many at one time. Just click on the button in the control box. You'll find one of these buttons in each section. After you click on the button, you'll be shown a window like this:

Multiple Entry Form