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  1. What if I'm away from my computer?
    We have a printable worksheet where you can record your events for the day. You can use that later and input that into babybix. As a tip, try using the multiple event entry forms. (They have the icon.) You can also learn about entering more than one event at a time here.
  2. Why are the times incorrect on the main page?
    There are two things to verify. First, make sure you have your timezone set correctly on the Account Page. Second, make sure that the timezone is set correctly on your computer. Windows XP users can follow instructions here. Mac OS X users can find timezone setting info here.
  3. How do I change my password?
    You can change your password by viewing the change password tab on the My Account page.
  4. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
    We don't store your password because that would be insecure. However, we can reset your password to something temporary, and we'll email that to you. You can change your password back to your liking after that. Visit this page to do this.
  5. How do I change the units of measurement for height, weight, and head circumference?
    Go to the preferences tab on the account page. There you will find pulldowns where you can change growth and volume units of measure.
  6. How can I specify an event in the past?
    Click on the down arrow next to the button that marks the event. You'll see a pulldown menu where you can specify the time that the event occurred. If the event is from a previous day, navigate to the previous day and add the event. You'll then be asked to specify the time that the event happened at.
  7. How can I change my child's avatar?
    Go to the My Kids tab on the account page and click on the old avatar in the "Avatar" column. This will take you to a page where you can upload an image from your computer, or paste a url where the image is already stored.
  8. How do I turn off the "Did You Know?" Box?
    You can do this two ways. First, when you see the "Did You Know?" Box appear, click on "No More Tooltips." The other way to turn it off is by going to the My Account page and choose "No" in the "Show Homepage Tips" on the Preferences Tab.
  9. How do I navigate to a particular day's data?
    Click on the date in the upper right hand corner. A calendar will appear below the date. Clicking on a day in the calendar will navigate you to that day. Remember, clicking on the babybix logo will always take you to today's data.
  10. How can I write journal entries and add firsts for my child?
    Go to the fourth tab labeled "Journal" on the main page.
  11. How can I change the units of measure for my bottles? How about pumping, weight, height, and others?
    You can change nearly all units of measure from oz to mL, for example. Just go to the "Preferences" tab on the Account page.
  12. How can I remove columns I don't use from the main data table?
    On the preferences tab on the My Account Page, the section titled "Homepage Table" contains checkboxes for you to select columns you want to see.
  13. Can I rearrange the order of the columns?
    Yes! Simply place the mouse cursor over the top of the column, click on the column, and drag it to the location you want it. The positions are automatically saved each time you move a column.
  14. Is there an RSS feed of my journal that I can put in my RSS reader, or to share with others?
    Yes! You can a link to your journal's RSS feed below the journals in the Journal Tab.
  15. What's the "Your Twitter" tab on the Account page for?
    On this tab, you can provide with your Twitter login and password. With that, you can optionally post journal entries and firsts to your Twitter account. Just click the Twitter checkbox when you enter journals and firsts.