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Share1 free swag buck available on the swidget right now through 4:30pm PDT – see lower right on my website.   sign up for swagbucks here.
are people using this?  if not, i will stop posting these updates about swagbucks.

Sharethere’s a swag code out on the swagbucks facebook page right now!  sign up for swagbucks here!

ShareHurry, there’s a swag code on the swidget (see lower right side of my site) right now, valid until 5:30 PM PDT.

Sharehurry, get the swagbucks swag code on the swidget right now (see right side of my blog for the swidget, and click “swag code -> see if there’s a swag code right now”).  now through 7pm tonight.

Sharein august, get double swagbucks for turning in your old cell phones!  sign up here if you don’t have an account yet.   you can also get swagbucks for old video games.  i would totally turn in my old phone, but b is using it for making calls to elmo.  :)


    • * Jiffy Lube (Coming Soon)
    • * Oneida (Coming Soon)
    • * Zippo (Coming Soon)

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