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ShareThis is the 3rd newsletter.  If you don’t have an account yet, sign up at to start tracking your child’s activities (it’s all free!) such as sleep, diapers, feedings, immunizations, growth, doctor questions, and more!
We just released three great new features recently – Monthly View, Forums, and Printable Journals!
Monthly View
I love the Monthly [...]

ShareFor those of you that use to track your child’s sleep trends, I’m curious to know if you’re seeing any good trends by using the “Sleep Trends” graph.   You can see from ours that B is on a pretty consistent 1-nap schedule (thank goodness for schedules!) and he wakes up around 8am and goes [...]

You asked for it, and I (hopefully) delivered what you were looking for.  Keep in mind, this is just a preliminary version, but I wanted to get something out there for you to use in case this helps you out.  PLEASE send me feedback so I can make it better for you.
Lots of people were [...]

Sharebrandon has been officially on one nap (mostly) for about a month now!  it seems like the weekends mess up his schedule a little bit.  probably because mommy and daddy are trying desperately to sleep in a little more!  haha.
check out his sleep trends graph:

Sharethanks to suggestions from our users, we’ve added a new feature so you can change to the 24-hour clock if you want to.  just go to my account > preferences > use 24-hour clock!


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