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Wowza!  You can get up to 95% off diapers at if you have these magazines:

August issue of Parents Magazine
August issue of Parenting Magazine
September issue of Parents Magazine.

You’ll find an orange insert about 2/3 of the way through with a unique one-time-use code on it for 20% off a pack of diapers.  You can stack [...]

Amazon is offering a FREE 3 month trial to Amazon Prime when you buy eligible textbooks. New accounts to Amazon Prime and to customers who have had Amazon Prime trials in the past.
Here’s how:

Add one of the following books to your Amazon Shopping Cart: Romeo and Juliet $1, William’s Shakespeare Complete Sonnets, $2, or [...]

When you buy $50 or more in amazon gift cards, get $5 off your next purchase!

ShareAmazon has different deals activating throughout the day for Cyber Monday… check here for their full list of lightning deals.  Some have limited quantities, and they will tell you how close they are to sold out.

ShareThe great thing about the internet is that you don’t have to deal with the insanity of brick-and-mortar black fridays.  I’m not a camp-out-in-line type of person, so the fact that Amazon is starting their Black Friday deals right now makes me really happy.
Here’s a link to the Toys and Games, Denim Shop ($20 off [...]


    • * Jiffy Lube (Coming Soon)
    • * Oneida (Coming Soon)
    • * Zippo (Coming Soon)

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