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About Pong:

Founded in 2011, Pong is the world’s leading maker of cell phone and iPad cases that protect smart phone and tablet users from the wireless device radiation that the World Health Organization classified in 2011 as a possible carcinogen. Developed by scientists out of Princeton, Harvard, UCLA and MIT, Pong cases have been tested and proven in FCC-certified labs to reduce the level of exposure to wireless device radiation by up to 95% below the target set by the FCC. Pong embeds in each case a patented and proprietary technology that redirects and redistributes the cell phone radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user’s head and body. Easy to put on and take off, Pong  cases fit a variety of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android phones as well as the iPad and iPad 2, are available in a variety of colors and styles and have been designed and tested to work anywhere in the world.

I’ve previously reviewed a Pong case for iPhone 3, and I wanted to see how their new cases for iPhone 4 and iPad compare.  My kids are both addicted to iPhones – whether it be for games, videos, or chatting with grandparents.

With all that time spent on the phone, and all the latest research on how radiation could be carcinogenic and is especially bad for children whose brains are smaller and more vulnerable, it is even more important to look at options to reduce the risk.

Pong is the ONLY solution proven by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect users from cell phone radiation while not compromising phone performance. Pong is proven to reduce SAR up to 95% below FCC limits.

Pong research has released an iPhone 4 cover ($49.99), similar to its original iPhone 3 cover, which is made of silicone.  They’ve also added to their product line a new “leather touch” hard case for iPhone 4 ($59.99), as well as an iPad2 case ($99.99).

The new cases use the same technology that I described in my previous post, with a thin antenna module redirecting the radiation away from the phone, while actually boosting your signal strength at the same time.

Although I can’t personally verify that there is less radiation with my Pong case on, I at least have some peace of mind when my kids are playing with my phone or iPad (which I’m pretty embarrassed to say is a LOT of the time).  I appreciate that they added a hard case option, because I’m not a fan of silicone cases – they get stuck when I try to put them in my pants pocket, and they attract lint.  I tried out the Leather Touch Pong case, and it feels substantial and weighs 1 oz.  It has done a good job protecting my phone from falls off the dining table when Kira throws it, and the leather look masks the edge scratching pretty well.  It also helps me stand up the phone on its side for better YouTube watching during dinner.  The iPad case is great, and allows you to prop the iPad up in one of 2 ways, which is handy for watching Elmo!  :)

I recommend getting a Pong case, especially if you are on the phone a lot, or if your kids use your phone or iPad!

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Prep & Landing is out on DVD today!  It’s a cute spy-style elf story about how the elves make sure all the kids around the world get their presents.

Prep & Landing is an adorable holiday story about a high-tech team of elves who ensure homes around the world are properly prepared for their visit from Santa. After working for a tireless 227 years, an elf named Wayne (voiced by Dave Foley) is upset when he doesn’t receive an expected promotion. Instead he is partnered with an idealistic rookie elf named Lanny (voiced by Derek Richardson) to execute a special Christmas Eve mission. While on their journey, Wayne and Lanny encounter unexpected challenges that push them to their limits and ultimately threaten Christmas for children around the world. But in the end, these two elves work together to guide Santa through a raging snowstorm in order to save Christmas.

Get it on amazon for $13.49 right now!  (retail price $19.99)

Today, Disney releases Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition on Blu-ray and DVD and Beauty & The Beast: Belle’s Magical World Special Edition on DVD!

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: THE ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EDITION is a delightful tale! Share in the wonder as Mrs. Potts recounts another “tale as old as time” about a Christmas past that almost wasn’t – thanks to the scheming of former court composer Forte, who is determined to keep Belle and Beast apart forever. This enchanting adventure boasts delightful songs, spellbinding visuals and enduring themes of hope, friendship and love. Bonus features include a behind the scenes featurette, , Disney Sing-a-long mode, “As Long As There’s Christmas” music video and much more!

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: BELLE’S MAGICAL WORLD SPECIAL EDITION is a new Special Edition inspired by the original classic, Beauty and the Beast. Join Belle, Disney’s spirited princess, Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere, plus some charming new friends, as they discover how teamwork and friendship can turn a once-gloomy castle into a dazzling palace fit for a princess! This fun-filled, instant classic with your favorite characters and enchanting songs proves that true beauty shines from within! Bonus features include Disney’s Sing Me a Story with Belle “What’s Inside Counts,” Belle’s Delightful Dinner Game, and much more!

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