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ShareI never thought I would need to know how to clean vomit off a seatbelt, yet here I am searching the web for “how to clean vomit off a carseat” or “how to clean vomit off a seatbelt.”  The smell really gets stuck in there, and unfortunately there is no way to remove the seatbelt [...]

ShareWe are starting to outgrow our current house, and I am constantly looking for extra places to put things.  A bookcase headboard is something that I recently found that sounds like a great idea.  Brandon needs a headboard (right now, we just have his mattress and box spring on the floor), and this way we [...]

ShareWell my due date is today, 9/9, and I’m scheduled to get induced tomorrow morning at 7:30am.  Brandon had his first drop-off day of preschool today, and he made it all the way through without any tears, so I can now relax and a little about that and focus on getting this baby out!  :) [...]

ShareI went to my weekly ob checkup yesterday, and she says, “WOW!”  That’s never a good sign.  She said I was 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and head was starting to move down at position -2.  Oh boy.  I just started my maternity leave on Monday, so I really want some time to get ready [...]

ShareAs a busy mom who also has a full-time job and is pregnant with #2, it’s not easy to carve out even 10 minutes of “me time” each day.  I generally go straight home and then start cooking – I feel like I’m on Iron Chef sometimes because I am running around trying to get [...]


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