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ShareWell my due date is today, 9/9, and I’m scheduled to get induced tomorrow morning at 7:30am.  Brandon had his first drop-off day of preschool today, and he made it all the way through without any tears, so I can now relax and a little about that and focus on getting this baby out!  :) [...]

ShareI went to my weekly ob checkup yesterday, and she says, “WOW!”  That’s never a good sign.  She said I was 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and head was starting to move down at position -2.  Oh boy.  I just started my maternity leave on Monday, so I really want some time to get ready [...]

ShareGreetings, babybix app users!  We’ve just released a new feature that you can find on the 6th tab, called “Answers“.  Feel free to start asking and answering questions of any kind.
For up to 10 extra entries to any giveaway, just login to your free account and ask or answer any question!  One extra entry for [...]

ShareFresh Express

Do you know where your food was grown?
Fresh Express just launched a new website that helps you find out where exactly your salad came from.  You just input the code from your bag of Fresh Express salad, and it will tell you exactly where it came from and give you more info about the [...]

ShareCan you believe I’m still sick?  It’s 4am right now, and I had to get out of bed because I was choking from all the coughing.  The other day I was coughing so much in the car that I had to open my door at a red light while I was driving to vomit out [...]


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