Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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3 Dec 2015

I’ve been taking a break from this blog because of personal reasons, but I’m back with this year’s Holiday Gift Guide! This year, my kids are 5 and 7 years old, so most of the gifts have this age range in mind. My 5 year old daughter loves everything cute and crafty, and my 7 year old son loves everything Minecraft, Star Wars, and anything having to do with science. Both have their own laptops are are super into playing Minecraft with each other. Let me know if you have any questions, and Happy Holidays!

a computer and coding kit for ages 6-12

I am in love with this kit. Kids get to learn how to build a computer (they make it as easy to put together as legos), and then how to code on it. Kano keeps things fun and interesting for kids with their fun colors and easy user interface. Kids can draw art, make music, or even create their own games… like Minecraft! Brandon was able to put the computer together by himself and get everything started without any instruction from me. He’s 7. There are 2 kits available that would be great for holiday gifts, but order ahead because they are in high demand.

Kano Kit: For the budding young hacker in your life, the Kano Kit provides the tools to build a full-fledged computer and learn how to code – all you need to do is plug it into a monitor. Colorful instructional storybooks guide young creators through the entire building process (no parental supervision needed) and once it’s built, Kano functions like a regular computer, pre-loaded with games like Minecraft and Terminal Quest and projects like Make Art that are learned, made and played with code. ($99 w. free shipping)

The Screen Kit: For creators who are looking to expand their computing experience, the Screen Kit is a portable, playful widescreen HD display that you build yourself. With simple steps and a storybook to guide the building process, kids can snap together the pieces, setup a driver, and learn how LCD screens work from the inside. With a portable case, take it anywhere—into the classroom or use it on the living room floor. The Screen Kit is custom-built for the Kano Kit, although it can be connected to any HDMI compatible device (i.e. digital camera, a PlayStation 4 or a MacBook). ($129 w. free shipping)

From my kids’ wishlists:

Sphero BB-8, app enabled droid $199.99

Minecraft mini figure collector case $19.99

Franklin sports shoot again basketball hoop $59.99

KidO free play magnatab $35.99

Simon backpack clip game $14.99

Sunken treasure pool toy $11.99

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