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As you prepare for your holiday travels, I recommend that you check out Britax’s new car seat travel cart.  Any car seat (any brand) that uses the LATCH system can attach to this cart in the same way that it attaches in your car.  The handle is easily extended by pressing one button, and the [...]

Clif Kid
About Clif Kid:
CLIF Kid makes organic snacks that are specially-created for kids’ growing bodies, developing taste buds and active lives.  The snack line features more of the nutrients that growing bodies need most in flavors kids crave with CLIF Kid Zbar, a whole grain energy snack bar that comes in baked and crispy varieties, and CLIF Kid Zfruit, a tangy, chewy [...]

ShareMon 10/3 – Tues 10/4 – $12 for $24 worth of Halloween costumes at Sweet Celebrations in Alamo from Juice in the City.
It’s costume time again!  This will get you a great deal on a Halloween costume.  The best thing about kids and costumes is that they wear them all year long, so I see [...]


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