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When shopping for a car seat, this is one item that most parents will spend the extra time researching to make absolutely sure it’s the safest possible car seat for their child.  This car seat from The First Years, the C670 True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat received 5 stars from the National [...]

Totsy has some great deals on some of our favorite toys that would be great Holiday gifts for any child, like WOW Toys, Green Toys, Hape, ImagiPLAY, Steiff, and more!  Hurry – ends soon!

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I previously wrote about Summer Infant’s Complete Coverage Video Monitor, some of their Bath Toys, and a Safety Gate.  I’m happy to be able to tell you about another one of their great products, the Carter’s bassinet.
With Brandon, we didn’t have a bassinet, and he ended up sleeping in our bed more than I care to [...]

Brandon loves watching DVDs, and as much as I enjoy watching Cars for the 100th time, it’s nice to be able to show him something educational and real.  The images on this Blu-ray are stunning, and are scenes you’ll never be able to see in a zoo.  I personally have a fear of being underwater, [...]

ShareHershey’s Moderation Nation

“Everything in moderation.”
Hmm… I’m not so good at that.  I get fixated on one thing, and tend to go overboard until I’m sick of it.  Hershey’s just created a new program to help you track and maintain moderation in the foods you consume and the activities you participate in.  They created a website, [...]


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