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27 Jan 2010



About Pong Research:

PongResearch is a research-driven organization focused on Consumer Environmental Technology.

As the tech industry and media introduce faster and more powerful devices (3G…4G…5G…10G), PongResearch considers technology from the other side – studying the effects of these ever more powerful technologies on You, the User, and your immediate environment. Not THE environment, but YOUR environment.

Ten years ago, Dr. Alfred Wong, while conducting outdoor antenna research on the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, began work with the principles of redirecting cell phone radiation. Now, after years of computer modeling and experimental work, theory becomes reality as Pong introduces the first case for the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, with new technology addressing the complexity of modern 4-band smartphones.

pong-vacuum Have you ever talked on your cell phone for a while and then felt your ear/head and the phone get warm/hot?  That’s the antenna on your phone emitting radiation!  The Pong case works by using a patented new physics-based “ladder” technology, which utilizes gold as the primary element in the Pong module to essentially pull the radiation up and away from your head.  It decreases “hotspot” radiation by 85% and overall phone radiation by 60%.  Pong is able to achieve this without sacrificing your signal strength or reception.

All of this is VERY scary stuff for me, especially since I am constantly attached to my iPhone!  I am on my phone while nursing, and I sleep with the phone right near my head (see my questions with Dr. Wong at the end of this post). I actually ran into a father at a toy store the other day, who had his head all bandaged up and I could see that he had stitches all around his head.  He clearly just had brain surgery, and asked the store for a chair so he could sit down.  I didn’t even ask him, but he was standing next to me and started telling me about how he used his cell phone a lot for work, and got a brain tumor!  He said DO NOT use your cell phone, and totally freaked me out.

Here’s a look at the inside of the Pong case, where you can see the “ladder”:


Here are some scary FAQ’s from the Pong website:

  • Mobile phone radiation heats the side of the head and thermoelectrically interacts with the brain.
  • Cancers and tumors typically take 10-20 years to develop.
  • 80% higher risk of developing brain tumor when cell phones used over ten years. [Source: World Health Organization (WHO)]
  • Brain tumors are 2.5 times more likely to be on the same side of the head on which the phone is held. [Source: WHO]
  • “Hands-free” sets on cell phones can triple the amount of rays beamed into the head [Source: British Consumers Association]
  • Only one hour of cell phone use per day significantly increases tumor risk after ten years or more [Source: Orebro University, Sweden].


Brandon loves to talk on the phone with his grandmas, and doesn’t know how to use a bluetooth headset or headphones yet.  With the Pong case on, I feel so much better letting him talk on the phone.  Read more about Pong’s advice on children and cell phones.

Here are the reasons that children are more susceptible to radiation, according to Pong Research:

1) Children’s skulls are softer, and therefore provide less resistance to radiation.

2) Children’s heads are smaller, placing a larger portion of the brain closer to the source of radiation.

3) Children’s brains are in rapid development, and therefore more susceptible to neurological interference from RF radiation.

In 2008, Dr. Ronald Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, issued a strong advisory to 3,000 UP faculty and staff stating that children should use cell phones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing.

I had several follow-up questions for Dr. Wong, which he kindly answered.  I thought I’d share them all with you.  The biggest takeaway for me was that the phones are much safer when you’re just browsing or using apps and are not using the phone feature.

Jenny: Do iphones emit radiation (or as much radiation) when apps are being used versus the actual phone?
Dr. Wong: Cell phones emit the most active levels of radiation when they are communicating with a cell tower i.e. when on a phone call.
Jenny: Is the amount of radiation dangerous when you just have it in your pocket?  Would you recommend users put the phone in their pocket with the case-side facing out then?
Dr. Wong: Yes, having your cell phone close to your body is harmful.  If you have to place in your pocket then make sure the case-side is facing out.
Jenny: I think I read that the module is made from gold?  Can you please confirm this?
Dr. Wong: Yes, gold is a main element in the patented Pong Research technology.
Jenny: Do 3G phones emit more radiation than 2G?
Dr. Wong: Yes, the faster and more advanced smart phones become the higher the SAR rating is.  For a complete phone listing and SAR rating visit: http://www.ewg.org/cellphone-radiation
Jenny: How exactly does the module work?
Dr. Wong: Here is a link to my video that should help you understand how it works: https://www.pongresearch.com/Startpage-Research-The_Team/335/Default.aspx#
Jenny: Are babies more sensitive to radiation than adults?
Dr. Wong: Yes, children are significantly more at risk than adults [Source: University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute]. In fact, children’s brains absorb twice as much RF as adult brains. [Source: France Telecom study].
Jenny: For moms using their phones near their babies, would you recommend that they discontinue this?  Or is there anything they can do to
reduce the radiation emitted by the phone if they only want to text message or use apps?
Dr. Wong: That is ultimately up to the user, but we of course recommend using a Pong cellphone case to protect you and your children.
Jenny: For moms using a Pong case, will the radiation be redirected towards their baby if they are holding the baby?
Dr. Wong: No, it is going up and away from the mom’s head, unlikely that baby would be there.
Jenny: How close does the phone have to be in proximity to you in order for the amount of radiation to be harmful?
Dr. Wong: Within a few inches.
Jenny: If someone is done using their Pong case, is it safe to dispose of it in the trash?  Or is there another recommended disposal method?
Dr. Wong: Yes, it can be disposed of normally, because it is gold and copper – no toxic materials are inside.

Buy One!

The Pong iPhone case is available in Black or Green at pongresearch.com for $59.99.  Through January 31st, they are offering Free Shipping!  There is also a Blackberry Curve model available for $49.95 starting in February.

Win One!


Pong Research would like to offer one lucky babybix blog reader their very own Pong iPhone case for the 3G or 3GS!  This is a $60 value!

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** Contest ended – Congrats Audra! **

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