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ShareYummi Bears Organics Vitamins

Yummi Bears Organics is the first and only organic gummy vitamin available on the market today.  All varieties are allergen, gluten, casein, gelatin, and GMO free.  They all contain natural flavors, natural colors, and are vegetarian-safe.  It comes in 5 different varieties:

Multi-vitamin & mineral
Brain Booster
Immunity Shield
Super Vision
Bone Builder

Yummi Bears are the #1 [...]


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already heard of Boon.  They make the coolest bath, feeding, playing, organizing, and decorating accessories!  Here are a few of my favorite Boon items:

Boon always has the cutest, most modern-looking toys and accessories that are really innovative.  I always wonder why someone never thought of that before when I [...]

ShareBe sure to enter the Kidorabla Umbrella giveaway, if you haven’t already!  TWO more contests coming up after that one ends, so stay tuned…

ShareGo to Sears on Halloween dressed up in a costume, and get a free Mattel Toy.  Plus, use this coupon for $5 off $20.  Details here.

Chipotle: free burrito (6pm – close).  Details.
Taco Bell: free black jack taco (6pm – midnight).  Details.
McDonalds: buy a booklet to give out for halloween for $1.  includes (4) FREE Apple Dippers, (4) FREE Small Cones, (4) FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jugs.  Details.
Wendys: buy a booklet for $1 with (5) free jr frosty [...]


    • * Jiffy Lube (Coming Soon)
    • * Oneida (Coming Soon)
    • * Zippo (Coming Soon)

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